Jan 07, 2011

Iranian Kurdistan: Two Thirds of Population Live in Poverty

The Iranian MP Pertewi expressed concerns about high poverty levels in Iranian Kurdistan, resulting from governmental deprivation and misconduct of regional authorities. He called for urgent financial investment to support the Kurdish youth

Below is an article published by Medya News:

Mr. Mohammad Ali Pertewi represents the people of Serdesht and Piranshar in the Iranian Parliament. He stated that over 60 percent people Kurdish people in East of Kurdistan live in poverty.

Mr. Pertewi believed that poverty in East Kurdistan is the direct result of the wrong policies of the Iranian authorities as well as the misconduct of the officials in the region.

Pertewi claimed that the Kurdish areas have been deprived of the all sorts of facilities needed for development. “Only by investment in the areas of art and the establishment of special institutions we can reawaken the Kurdish youths, who are endowed with special talent and initiative.” he said.