Jan 04, 2011

Nagalim: Participation in “World Parliament of Indigenous People”

At the “World Parliament of Indigenous People” in Bangalore with 40 international delegates, the Nagalim will be represented by the academic Dzuvichu. The event could lead to the establishment of a UN parliament to resolve issues of indigenous rights.

Below is an article published by the Central Chronicle:

Naga academic and socialist activist Rosemary Dzuvichu will take part in the first ''World Parliament of Indigenous People'', to be held in Bangalore later this week [7 January 2011].

Sources here today [Kohima, 3 January 2011] said the six delegates from the country, who have been invited to the parliament on January 7, included noted Dalit activists Narain Singh and Ruth Manorama, president of National Alliance of Women Organisation MC Raj, Jyoti Raj from Dalit Samaj (REDS), Bodo Academician Anjali Daimary and Ms Dzuvichu.

The round table conference will bring together 40 delegates from 11 countries across the world which will include observers from Austria and Germany.

The parliament, the first of its kind, will deliberate on divergent cultures, multiple faces of indigenous governance, state governance, faces of democracy, indigenous rights and the United Nations and situation of indigenous people in various countries in the context of democracy.

The round table conference will also deliberate on strategies for forming a World Parliament of Indigenous People in the United Nations, the sources said.