Sep 28, 2004

Tibet: Tibetans protest seeking Release of political Prisoners

The Tibetans living-in-exile today took to Streets to observe the 17th Anniversary of the first mass Demonstration in Tibetan Capital Lhasa its takeover by China
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The Tibetans living-in-exile today took to streets to observe the 17th anniversary of the first mass demonstration in Tibetan capital Lhasa its takeover by China.

The activists demonstrated under the banner of Tibetan Youth Congress. They sought the release of political prisoners languishing in Chinese jails, including the 11th Panchem Lama.

On September 27, 1987, Tibetan people in Lhasa staged a demonstration to protest against the Chinese occupation of Tibet, which was ruthlessly suppressed by the Chinese authorities.

The Tibetans-in-exile have since observed the day as "Black Day."

"Chinese government had suppressed many of the peace demonstrations, which were participated mostly by Tibetan monks and nuns. Many people were brutally killed during that period and for that we are observing today as a black day," said Thundup Dorje, activist of Tibetan Youth Congress.

China has imprisoned the Panchem Lama recognised by the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama and, has installed a rival Lama in his place.

The Tibetan refugees are settled in different parts of India with the Dalai Lama establishing his headquarters in Dharamsala.

Source: Phayul