Jan 03, 2011

Ogaden: New Reports of Abuse by Government Troops

Concern remains high for the health of a man beaten by government troops in the latest reported incident of misconduct by troops under the authority of Addis Ababa

Below is an article published by Ogaden Online:

On Sunday, December 26 [2010] a 70-year-old man was mercilessly beaten by Ethiopian soldiers in Dhagaxtur Village, near Degahbour. The Man who is well respected local traditional leader is said to be Haji Mahad Muhumed Muse.

It is reported that the health of the man is deteriorating since he have almost bled to death due to the injuries caused by the mercilessly beating by Ethiopian soldiers.

Human rights organizations continuously accuse the Ethiopian soldiers of violating the human rights by harassing the people in the Ogaden region.