Dec 06, 2010

Cabinda: Vaccinations to Combat Poliomyelitis


Following the increase of poliomyelitis cases in Cabinda, regional health authorities have launched a large-scale vaccination programme to prevent the illness’ further spread. New cases have been reported since November, with four individuals dying as a result.


Below is an article published by Angola Press:

The health authorities of northern Cabinda province plan to vaccinate at least 624,000 citizens during the second vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis to be held on 3-5 December, informed the provincial supervisor of health Promotion, Juliana Wimi, on Friday [3 December 2010].

The campaign aims to cover [the whole] population (children and adults) and will last three days.

The source said that authorities are still waiting for the testing results of the 33 suspected cases of poliomyelitis in adults, sent to a South African laboratory.

Cabinda province has registered new poliomyelitis cases since 22 November which have already claimed four lives.