Nov 29, 2010

Tibet: Nun Released After Severe Torture

A Tibetan nun was released after almost three years of imprisonment and torture by Chinese officials. The case is exemplary of Beijing’s repressive policies, which frequently include the detention of Tibetan nuns participating in peaceful protest.

Below is an article published by Tibetan Review


The authorities in Kandze (or Karze, Chinese: Ganzi) County in Sichuan Province have released on November 19 a nun in serious health conditions as a result of beating by jail officials during two years of imprisonment. Oslo-based Voice of Tibet on November 25 cited monk Pema Tsewang of Sera Monastery with sources in Kandze as saying the nun, called Taga (Tashi Yangzom or Yangtso), had two fractures in her right arm, was hearing impaired in her right ear and suffered from tuberculosis and respiratory complications.

She was said to be currently receiving treatment at a hospital in the provincial capital Chengdu.

Taga was arrested on May 20, 2008 with two other nuns, Achoe and Sochoe, after the trio staged a protest against the Chinese government at Dhargay Gonpa. The three were nuns of Tehor Nyagay Nunnery. Achoe belongs to Rida Village, Soe Choekyi to Lamna Village and Taga to Noekab Village.

The three nuns were taken to a detention centre in Chengdu where they were severely tortured. Sochoe and Achoe were released after their health conditions made them likely to die in prison.

The arrest of the three nuns took place around the time 12 nuns of Drakar Nunnery, 55 nuns of Pang-ri Nunnery and several other nuns from Ganden Choeling Nunnery in Kardze County were detained for staging a protest.