Nov 24, 2010

Afrikaner: Radio Pretoria Finally Granted a License

After broadcasting on temporary licenses for two decades, radio station popular among Boer Diaspora gets a 5-year license.

Below is an article published by The Right Perspective:


After a 17-year wait, Afrikaans station Radio Pretoria has finally been granted a five-year broadcasting license by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

“After a sustained battle of 17 years, Radio Pretoria (104.2 FM) has received its broadcasting licence,” the station’s media spokesman Henk Joubert said in a press release on November 19. “It is clearly written on the license that the station will serve ‘an Afrikaner, farmer-based community’.”

An ICASA spokesman confirmed Radio Pretoria had been granted a license.

The station had been broadcasting on temporary licenses for nearly two decades. Joubert said the station had an audience of up to 750,000, and was very popular with the Boer Diaspora, who listens to the station over the Internet.