Nov 23, 2010

Ethiopia's Stalled Democracy: A Spotlight on the Ogaden

Following a conference held on 16 March 2010, Ana Gomes MEP convened a hearing the European Parliament focusing on the current state of human rights and democracy in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia - the hearing will comes after EU observers noted significiant shortcomings in Ethiopia's 2010 elections.


Ethiopia's Stalled Democracy

Ethiopia’s Stalled Democracy:  

A Spotlight on the Ogaden

16.15 - 18.15

 7 December 2010

Room ASP3H1, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium



Opening Remarks

László Tőkés MEP, Vice President of the European Parliament

Ana Gomes MEP, S&D Group

Marino Busdachin, General Secretary, Unrepresented Nations and People's Organization

*     *     *

Report Screening

'Starvation Threatens Ethiopia’s Nomads

 Jamal Media


Human Rights in the Ogaden

 Eyewitness Testimony

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Women: Collateral Damage of Ethiopia's Ethnic Federalism

 Abdillahi Mohammed & Abbey Augus

African Rights Monitor


'Human Rights in Ethiopia's Contested Democracy'

Dr Barbara Lakeberg

Netherlands Institute of Human Rights


[Ethiopia's] Contested/Stalled Democracy

Professor Jan Jans

Tilburg University


Background Documents

European Voice - 'Turning a Blind Eye to Ethiopia' - Ana Gomes MEP

Save the Date

Press Reminder


Press Release: EU Must End "Business as Usual" with Ethiopia



Media Coverage

Ogaden News Agency

Ogaden Today - Ogaden Press Agency


The hearing was organised by the Office of Ana Gomes MEP in collaboration with:


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