Nov 04, 2010

Afrikaner: Orania Movement Welcomes Move to Protect Indigenous Communities

The South Africa government amends its legislation towards protecting traditional and indigenous communities from exploitation.

Below is an article published by Eye Witness News:

The Orania Movement on Wednesday expressed its support for government’s legislative amendments to protect traditional and indigenous communities from exploitation.

The Afrikaner community submitted a presentation to Parliament’s Trade and Industry Portfolio Committee on the importance of protecting traditional and minority groups.

The proposed amendments focus on the protection of indigenous knowledge and the copyright of indigenous items such as the Zulu spear and the Afrikaner koeksister.

The movement’s Jaco Kleynhans maintained that minority communities are easily exploited.

“We see many traditional communities in our country that are very poor and we believe this can help to economically develop traditional communities,” he said.

Kleynhans went on to say that the amendments will benefit these communities. 

“We’ve got many cultures in South Africa who initiated wonderful things and created many products and we believe this needs to be protected... to the benefit of these communities,” he said.