Oct 27, 2010

Sindh: Diaspora Donations Support Aid Delivery

The Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) and other members of the Sindhi diaspora raised funds for flood victims of Sindh. A sum of $70,000 was donated during a festive evening event with speeches, documentaries and musical entertainment.

The Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) Houston Chapter organized a highly successful fund raising event for flood relief efforts in Pakistan on 23rd October [2010] at Pakistan Center in Houston, Texas. A large number of community members attended the event. They generously participated in the effort making it possible to raise a record amount of $70,000.

The program formally started with the welcome of the guests with Shah Latif and Fiaz Ahmed faiz's poetry. Sikander Baloch and Noornisa Ghanghro conducted the program. Former Vice president of SANA, Jamil Daudi welcomed the guests. SANA president Dr Valeed Shaikh delivered the key note speech. He talked on the flood situation in Pakistan  and role of SANA in flood relief efforts. Dr Valeed had specially flown from Minnesota to participate in the event. He said SANA is a non profit organization and it always supports their fellows in the hour of need. He appreciated the efforts of the local committee and urged the participants to generously help in the effort.

The president of the Pakistan Association of Greater Horton (PAGH) Khaild Khan was among the guest speakers. He said all Pakistani American community members were gravely concerned about the devastating flood situation. He said his association has already arranged distribution of the items of necessity, medicines, water, milk etc. among the flood affected people. He also pledged $1,000. He appreciated the efforts made by SANA.

The former president of PAGH and a prominent local businessman, Ghulam Bombaywala, also spoke on the occasion. He said Sindhis were very generous people and came to help whenever called upon. He conducted an impromptu auction of 3 Rilhis (Sindhi handicraft quilts) and an ajrak and a Sindhi cap for $6,000. He called upon the participants to donate generously to help their brethren in Pakistan in the hour of the need.

A representative of the Consulate General of Pakistan and a family member of famous American singer and artist Frank Sinatra were among the participants. A message from Houston Mayor was read on the occasion.

A documentary on the flood situation was presented. It was specially prepared by Mrs. Amina Pathan, Darkhashan Memon and Noorunnisa Ghanghro. It made a huge impact on the participants with tears in many eyes. A small child, Anshal Brohi, read a paper to appeal to the audience to generously donate. The President of the SANA Flood Relief Fund, Dr Aijaz Turk, also briefly spoke and recited a Vayee of Shah Latif, receiving big applause.

Later, a festive dinner was served, provided by Mr. Dhanani of the Shiakh Chilli restaurant. A music program started with beautiful poetry of Ustand Bukhari and Ahmed Fraz. The whole presentation was conducted in English, Urdu and Sindhi. Jokes segments were presented by a local entertainer. Singers from Houston and Dallas, Priya, Imran and  Parviaz, presented beautiful songs to the audience. Sikander Baloch presented Sindhi songs. The program ended with Sindhi traditional Ho Jamalo.

The head of the local organizing committee, Ali Pathan thanked all participants in the end of the program.

A large number of Pakistani community members from Houston and different cities attended the event. The SANA president Dr Valeed Shaikh, the president of the SANA Flood Relief Fund, Dr Aijaz Turk, and the former SANA president Aziz Narejo came to attend the program. Other people who came from other cities included Umeed Laghari from Lousiana and Sarfaraz Abbasi and Fiazullah Abaassi from Dallas. Sindhi professionals and businessmen of Houston including Imdad Sehar (Attorny), Raees Patoli, Aijaz Almani, Bashir Shahni, Asgher Pathan, Rouf Khan, Anees bhai, Zaib Agha, the Talpur family, the Nizamni family, Taj, Aziz, Noman, Tariq Nizamani, Waheed Patoli, Raza Shah, Waheed Shaikh, Dr Eisa Bhrugri, Mumtaz Memon, Mumtaz Chang, Amir Bhai, Irfan Panhwar, the Brohi family, the Nareja family and others attended the event.

The Houston press and media covered this event. They included representatives from Pakistan Post, Pakistan Times, Pakistan Journal, Urdu times, Sangeet Radio, Pakistan chronical, KTN and Mehran TV.

Member of the Houston Flood Relief Committee, who played an active role in making this event successful, included among others the chairman, Ali Pathan, Mrs Ali Pathan, Jamil Doudi, Mr and Mrs Mohiuudin Morani, Mr and Mrs Tashfeen Birohi, Noornisa Ghanghro, Sohail Kazi, Akhtar Wako, Abdul Hussain Narejo, Mashooque Mallah, Karim Shaikh, Mr and Mrs Talat Talpur, Mansoor Samo and Sikander Baloch.



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