Oct 07, 2010

Nagalim: NSCN-IM Official Goes Missing In Kathmandu

It is believed that an NSCN-IM official who disappeared after landing at Kathmandu Airport was illegally arrested by Indian authorities while on his way to attend peace talks in India. 


Below is an article published by the Assam Tribune:


An official of the NSCN-IM, Anthony Shing alias Ningkhan Shimray, is reported to have gone missing in Kathmandu, Nepal, and his present whereabouts are unknown. He is stated to be the ‘Head of Foreign Affairs’ of the NSCN-IM.


According to a statement issued by the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) Delhi on the ‘enforced disappearance’ of the NSCN member, Anthony Shing disappeared after he landed at Kathmandu international airport on September 27 last while on his way to India to attend the next round of peace talks on September 29.


He flew from Bangkok with Royal Nepal Airlines flight number AR 402. Two acquaintances and the driver of the hotel’s pick-up service waited for him at the airport for hours, but he did not appear nor did he get in touch with the hotel or anyone else of his contacts in Kathmandu, it was informed.


According to the Rights body, preliminary investigations initiated by a human rights group in Kathmandu on the same day have revealed that Shing on arrival had passed immigration. It has also been ascertained that he has not been arrested or detained by the police there, it said.


The human rights group reportedly elicited the help of an MP and even Home Ministry officials there to get some information but could not make any headway. However, on Sept 29, the group reportedly came to learn from a reliable source within the government that Anthony Shing had been arrested right after crossing immigration.


There are also eye witnesses to this, who, however, have requested anonymity, it informed.


Based on the evidence so far collected and the precedence of the attempted enforced disappearance earlier, NPMHR said it is believed that Anthony Shing was arrested and deported by the Indian Government’s intelligence service.


Further noting that no case has been filed against Shing in any court in India and that no arrest warrant has been issued for him by the Indian authorities, the rights body alleged that the Indian Government has ‘not only violated its own laws and the national sovereignty of Nepal with its unlawful abduction/arrest of Anthony Shing on Nepalese soil, but has also clearly violated international law.