Oct 05, 2010

Taiwan: Celebrations for RoC’s National Day to Kick off on Sunday

Main event, with aboriginal singers, will take place before foreign dignitaries on Penghu after last year’s suspension due to the typhoon.

Below is an article published by Focus Taiwan


A 52-minute fireworks display will light up the skies over Taipei Sunday night [10 October 2010] in celebration of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, the organizing committee announced on Monday [4 October 2010].

The day's activities will kick off early Sunday outside the Presidential Office with three well-known vocalists leading the singing of the ROC's national anthem, followed by a string of performances by five schools and the military.

President Ma Ying-jeou will then give his annual Double Ten Day address, accompanied by the first lady. A parade of 23 floats from 10 counties and various government agencies will also add color to the celebration.

According to the committee, backpacks or handbags that exceed 30 centimeters in length and umbrellas or heavy colorful raincoats will not be allowed. In case of inclement weather, only light colored transparent raincoats will be permitted.

Other items barred include batons, sticks, knives, balloons, and blow horns.

Small folding chairs can be used, but cameras with long lenses must not be brought into the restricted zones, the committee said.

In the afternoon, another float parade that looks ahead to the country's centennial anniversary next year will run from the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to the square outside Taipei City Hall.

This year, the main evening celebration will be held on the offshore island of Penghu.

The entire show, featuring a full line of pop artists, aboriginal singers, and bands and a 30-minute fireworks display, will be broadcast live in Taiwan as well as in different parts of the world via the Overseas Compatriots Commission's Macroview Television Service.

Another fireworks show will be held around the same time in Taipei, the committee said.

A series of cultural activities and exhibitions, including a nationwide design competition, movie festival, and a traditional puppet display at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, will also be held until the end of the year in honor of the country's birthday.

A total of 263 foreign dignitaries, including the president of Sao Tome and Principe, the prime minister of the Solomon Islands, and parliamentary members of South Korea, Kuwait, and Mongolia will attend this year's National Day celebration, said Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng. who serves as the committee chairman.

The chairmen of Taiwan's six major political parties have been invited to attend the celebration, but the heads of the two major opposition parties -- the Democratic Progressive Party and the Taiwan Solidarity Union -- have yet to reply to the invitation, Wang said.

This year's National Day celebration will cost NT$46 million, NT$3 million more than in 2008 because of the extra cost of transporting equipment to Penghu, Wang said.

Taiwan suspended the celebration in 2009 after a deadly typhoon wrecked havoc in southern Taiwan, leaving more than 700 people dead. (By Jenny W. Hsu)