Sep 29, 2010

Taiwan: RoC Seeking Observer Status at ICAO

More than 1 million flights pass through Taiwan every year.  ICAO observer status necessary step to implement safety standards and guarantee global aviation security

Below is an article published by the Province


Taiwan is seeking observer status at the International Civil Aviation Organization, whose triennial assembly is under way at its headquarters in Montreal.

Taiwan's exclusion from the ICAO's meetings and activities is incompatible with international aviation safety.

The exclusion has made it difficult for Taiwan's civil aviation authorities to update aviation standards and regulations to meet international norms.

Each year, more than 1.13 million flights pass through the Taipei Flight Information Region.

Forty-nine airlines operate regular flights connecting Taipei with 104 cities around the world.

Giving Taiwan observer status at the ICAO is also important to ensuring the success of efforts to improve global aviation security and to protect the world from terrorism. -- Mao Chi-kuo, transportation and communications minister, Taiwan