Sep 22, 2010

Crimean Tatars: Support from OSCE Commissioner on National Minorities

The Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe is preparing a bill on the restoration of rights for people who have been deported on grounds of their ethnic origin, High Commissioner Knurt Vollebaek stated during his visit to Ukraine.


Below is an article published by the Crimean News Agency:


The High Commissioner of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe on National Minorities Knut Vollebaek will assist to complete a bill “Of Restoration of Rights of Persons Who Were Deported by Ethnic Origin”. He also has promised to put a question of construction of the Cuma Cami (Central Mosque) before the Ukraine’s high leadership. Ambassador K. Vollebaek stated about this during his meeting with the Majlis of Crimean Tatar people’ representatives on September 17 [2010] on Yaltynska Street where the Cuma Cami will be to build.

“We have good meetings with the Chairman of the Majlis, Mr. Cemil during all my visits. We talked about many issues but one of cardinal issues during my previous and current visits was a draft law of Ukraine “Of Restoration of Rights of Persons Who Were Deported by Ethnic Origin”. We know Mr. Cemil submitted his bill. And we talked about this bill at our meetings in Kyiv, in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as well as with representatives of the Ukrainian government”, - stressed the OSCE High Commissioner.

“Also we have been already discussed this bill and our office prepared our commentaries and remarks. We have the impressions that there is a wish to complete this bill and approve it. On our part, we are ready to continue the work to assist to finish the bill. It is also important that people, in interest of which a law would be approved, participate actively in this process”, stated Ambassador Vollebaek.

The OSCE High Commissioner thanked Mustafa Cemil for his invitation to a place of future construction of the Cuma Cami.

“I understand that the problem of the Central Mosque’s construction is not settled yet. There is no an official permission for construction of the mosque too. Mr. Cemil has informed me about the existing problem and I promised to raise a question before the authority”, - reported the OSCE High Commissioner Knut Vollebaek.