Sep 21, 2010

Journal Article on China building a Dam on the Indus River

China's involvement in Central and South Asia and the consequences on water management.


Senge H. Sering (2010): China Builds Dam on Indus near Ladakh, Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 4, No. 2, page 136. 


"The tail-end of Indus receives so little water that today Sindh's agriculture faces extinction. Further reduction of water will increase salinity, land erosion and sea-flooding that will severely damage the Indus delta. As a consequence, rise in water table may flood cities like Karachi and Thattha. The impact of water shortage on aquatic wildlife will be detrimental. While Pakistan is building two mega dams of Diamer and Bunji on the Indus in occupied Gilgit-Baltistan, the Chinese dam will cause water shortage for similar mega hydroelectric projects including the existing Tarbela dam that also lies on Indus."