Sep 15, 2010

East Turkestan: Uyghurs left out of Green Energy Boom

Despite Xinjiang province being on the forefront of green energy on China, the Muslim Uyghur population has not been able to benefit from the investment boom.

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Xinjiang autonomous region is China’s frontier land for renewable energy. China has poured cash into wind energy projects in Xinjiang, fuelling a boom in the country’s largest and most western region.

Because of the Chinese government’s investment in renewables, like the wind farms of Xinjiang, China has recently been named the best place to invest in green energy.

But for many people in Xinjiang, particularly the Muslim Uyghur community who make up its largest ethnic group, the ‘wind rush’ is just another stage of colonization by the People’s Republic of China. Uyghers have for the most part not benefitted from China’s economic boom and many feel discriminated against.