Sep 02, 2004

Is the UN ready for a democratic Taiwan?

While a communist China claims to represent Taiwan, democratic Taiwan is being left behind. Will the UN support democracy instead of supporting communist China?
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Taiwan is the only nation in the world not represented in the United Nations. The main barrier to Taiwan's participation in the global assembly is the current, almost universal acceptance by the international community of Beijing's "One China" principle, despite the fact that Taiwan is a sovereign state. Up to now, however, Taiwan has been unable to draw any kind of public debate, much less approval, from the international community concerning this issue. The main reason for this barrier is the misapprehension of major U.N. participants that the government in Beijing actually represents Taiwan.

The U.N. was founded on a principle of universal membership. However, that principle has been blatantly violated by excluding democratic Taiwan. Taiwan's miracles in the areas of democracy and economics, as well as its international cooperation and humanitarian efforts are known throughout the world. Taiwan's exclusion from the U.N. is detrimental not only to its people, but also to the U.N. itself, depriving it of an active member that is both willing and able to make valuable contributions to the global community on a wide range of international issues.

Beijing's threat of military action against Taiwan has been growing as fast as its rapidly expanding military powers and increasing nationalism in recent years, resulting in strong threats directed at Taiwan. The only viable way to protect peace in the Taiwan Strait and prevent conflict from devastating the Asia-Pacific region, with dire consequences worldwide, is to allow Taiwan to participate in the development of a cross-strait crisis arbitration mechanism from under the auspices of true U.N. membership. Taiwan's case for U.N. representation is a wake-up call, not only for the U.N. but also for the entire world. By joining international mechanisms, Taiwan can contribute greatly not only to regional stability but also to the goal of world peace.

The Joint Proposal (A/59/194)"The Question of the Representation of the 23 Million People of Taiwan in the United Nations" signed by the representatives to the United Nations of 15 of the Republic of China's (ROC) diplomatic allies (.pdf)