Sep 08, 2010

Hmong: Ethnic National Day in Dien Bien Province

The celebration of the Hmong National Day in a northwestern province of Vietnam has cast light on an idyll – but serious human rights abuse by both Hanoi and Vientiane continues.


Below is the article published by dti-news:


The Hmong ethnic group, in the northern province of Dien Bien, celebrate the country’s National Day with as much zeal as Tet holiday.

From September 2 to 5 2010, the Hmong people in Dien Bien Province left aside their field work to gather for this festivity.

Hmong people in their best clothes flock to their meeting places early in the morning.


























Young girls in their colorful dresses.













A broken sandal must be fixed along the way.










Besides other places, markets are still a popular destination for trading and meeting on the National Day Festival.














A special occasion to enjoy a bowl of Pho.






















The day is a chance for young people to meet and make friends. Many of them find their sweethearts here.










A performance by young girls from Kho Mu ethnic group in Cha To Commune, Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien Province.













Many other folk games were organized by the Tuan Giao District People’s Committee.






















A beautiful local Hmong girl.















Although the lives of local Hmong people has been improved significantly, poverty is still abundant. While others are enjoying the festival, Seo My has to sell her home-produced melons and sew dresses so as to have money for her two small children’s new school fees.













Tra Thi Nenh in Pu Nhung Commune, Tuan Giao District was preparing dinner while her family went out for the holiday.



















15-year old Vu Thi Dung still wore her best dress while working.














Washing the dresses to put away for the next festival.