Sep 01, 2010

Crimean Tatars: Only Regional Candidates on Party List

Crimean leaders have stressed that lists of candidates for the elections to the regional parliament, the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, will only include names of people residing in the district for which they are nominated. This will ensure that Crimean Tatars and other residents of Crimea are adequately represented.


Below is an article published by QHA:

Any strangers will not [be on] the party list of candidates to the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, stated Vasyl Dzharty during his press conference yesterday, August 30 in Aqmescit (Simferopil).

[The] Leader of the Crimean republican organization of the Regions Party Vasyl Dzharty stated [that] people [who] come from other Ukraine’s regions will not be included [in] the party lists of candidates to deputies of the VR ARC.

“If somebody thinks he will see names of people who come from the outside [then] I [will] surprise you: there will not be such people”, - [the] local party leader stressed. Vasyl Dzharty informed such list is not drawn yet. According to him, he has applied to local party organizations, town and raion councils of Crimea with request to suggest their candidates who are, to their view, “leaders of public opinion”.

[The] Local Regions Party leader expressed his confidence he would manage to form a list that would represent interests of all the autonomous regions in the Crimean representative body.

Thus, it sees fit Mr. V. Dzharty is not going to stand for the VR ARC because he came also from Makiivka town of the Donetsk oblast as like his vice-premiers: Burlakov, Psariov, Yurchenko, etc.