Aug 30, 2010

Abkhazia: Two Years of Recognition and Peace

Abkhazia has just celebrated two years of independence and peace and with its growth in tourism and trade with Russia. The future of the state appears bright.


Below is an article published by Russia Today:


This week, the Republic of Abkhazia celebrated two years since Russia recognized its independence. The republic is already a popular tourist destination in the region, but locals have much more on their minds.


Just two years ago, Abkhazia was under an international blockade and on the list of targets for Georgian army.


In August 2008, Mikhail Saakashvili ordered an attack on South Ossetia. Its capital Tskhinval was nearly destroyed by shelling. According to military intelligence, Georgian Special Forces were also preparing to launch an offensive against Abkhazia.


Russia, whose peacekeepers were ensuring security in the region, sent its troops to protect both Caucasus republics until the conflict was subdued.


Moscow recognized Abkhazia’s and South Ossetia’s independence, a move that was soon followed by Venezuela, Nicaragua and the small republic of Nauru.


Now, after the turmoil of recent years, Abkhazia is steadily becoming a popular tourist destination on the Black Sea shore.