Aug 26, 2010

Sindh: SDF Condemns Imposition Of Martial Law In Pakistan

The Sindh Democratic Forum has noted with grave concern the statement made by MQM chief Altaf Hussain calling for the imposition of martial law.


Below is an article published by the Sindh Democratic Forum:


Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF) has noted with grave concern, the statement made by MQM chief Altaf Hussain regarding imposition of martial law and has demanded that under article 6 of the constitution a case of high treason be lodged against him and he should be brought back to Pakistan through Interpol to face the charge.

SDF has expressed the surprise on the supporting statements of Pir Pagara and Imran Khan and says that these forces are the protégés of the agencies, created by military dictators like Ayub, Yahya, ZiaulHaq and Musharraf and they feel suffocated in the democratic rule in the country.

The present democratic system has come to the country after the great sacrifices of the people of Pakistan, where unfortunately the nation has lost its finest daughter Benazir Bhutto and hundreds of other political workers and citizens in the war against the military rule of Musharraf. Today MQM, a partner of the democratic government, is adding salt to the wounds and insulting the mandate of the millions of people of Pakistan who have voted for a democratic Pakistan.

SDF further expresses that Pakistan has faced a complete destruction of its democracy, political systems and constitutionalism at the hands of military dictatorships, especially under the martial laws which have weakened the federation and the democratic process. The seed of hatred among the federating units and nations was sown by the military rules under martial laws. The separation of east Pakistan, the creation of one unit, conflict on water and natural resource distribution have also been the results of long military interventions in the country.

The critical challenges the country is facing today include talibanisation, religious fundamentalism, sectarian and ethnic divide, increasing poverty, hunger, unemployment and corruption. SDF asserts that these issues are the result of anti-people and anti-democratic rule in the country.

SDF resolves that the present style of governance is not satisfactory, as there is not much progress on both internal and external fronts, but this does not mean that army rule should be welcomed. It is only democratic government which is accountable to the people of Pakistan.

SDF says that the democracy and progress loving people of Pakistan have a firm belief that martial law and dictatorship have never been a suitable alternate to democracy in any scenario; this is why they continue their support for democracy in the country and for people's rule through political parties.

SDF welcomes the straightforward statement of PMLN chief Nawaz Sharif and says that he has spoken the sentiments of millions of peace and democracy loving people of Pakistan.

SDF shows great surprise over the silence of PPP and asks the government to stop the so-called policy of reconciliation and get MQM out of the government at federal and provincial levels and demand removal of the signatures of MQM representatives from the documents of 18th amendment, which took the oath that only rule of law, constitutionalism and democracy will be supreme in the country.