Aug 25, 2010

Sindh: WSC Condemns Demands to Impose Martial Law

The World Sindhi Congress opposes proposals to impose martial law in the disaster-stricken regions of Pakistan. Martial law would only further disenfranchise the Sindh and tighten control of the central government in the province.


Below is a statement by the World Sindhi Congress:


The World Sindhi Congress (WSC) strongly condemns Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain’s demand and support for imposition of martial law in Pakistan. It is in fact a matter of great concern to all democratic forces in the region and an open violation of basics democratic norms and human rights. MQM has once again been exposed in its fascist behaviour by supporting and calling for military dictatorships.

WSC believes that MQM has always flourished under the patronage of military regimes and finds it more comfortable to work in collaboration with military dictatorships as it provides them unhindered and disproportionate control over the urban areas of Sindh. They feel uneasy even under the weakest democratic set-ups, such as the current one, as very small proportion of their undue privileges has to go due to the nature of democratic process.

MQM was established by military dictator Ziaul Haq as an extension and continuity of Al-Shams and Al-Badar only in a new situation and with new slogans. Another military dictator Pervaz Musharaf illegally imposed MQM to control the urban areas of Sindh against the wishes of Sindhi people depriving them of their historical, political, cultural and economic rights. Since then MQM has tried to establish a complete hegemony over Karachi and have used every possible way to stop rightful entry of Sindhi people in jobs, education and settlement in their own capital.

WSC views the recent statement of Altaf in the context of the epic disaster and resulting misery, pain and displacement brought upon on Sindhi people. MQM wants martial law in order to effectively stop the rehabilitation of Sindhi people, particularly in Karachi and other urban areas. Moreover, it would re-establish the complete hegemony of MQM over Sindh. WSC demands from the chief justice of Pakistan to take an immediate legal action on Altaf Hussain’s open support to impose martial law in Pakistan

WSC believes that MQM is a political wing of ISI and a fascist party, which uses terrorism and torture to remain in control of Karachi. The said statement of Altaf Hussain also presses upon army and ISI to rebuff US policies in the region, which would imply the continued support of the policies of strengthening Taliban and Al-Qaeda. WSC asks that western governments do not to support MQM as by demanding and promising to provide active support to martial law they have exposed their real nature and credentials. WSC believes that MQM’s opposition to Talbanisation is a farce, only to gain support and hoodwink the international community, in reality they are together with their real masters.

WSC reminds all the Sindhi political parties and civil society organisations, individuals, intellectuals and writers that no other time in recent history has been more demanding than this. It is critical to work out a united and coordinated strategy in the face of the worst humanitarian disaster that could be worsened by those who do not want Sindhi people to live in dignity and peace on their own motherland.