Aug 13, 2010

Taiwan: Red Cross Solicits Donations To Help Mudslide Victims in PRC


The Taiwan Red Cross Society is soliciting donations to help residents in the mudslide-stricken county of Zhouqu in the northwest of the People’s Republic of China 


Below is an article published by Xinhua:


The Society has already donated 100,000 U.S. dollars, the Society's deputy secretary general, Hsieh Chao-lung, told Xinhua.

Xie said "we sympathize with the sufferings of the people in Zhouqu" as the southern part of Taiwan was hit by typhoon-triggered landslides one year ago.

Xie recalled that the mainland's Red Cross Society made donations for the victims of typhoon Morakot.

Morakot was the strongest typhoon to hit Taiwan in nearly 50 years and left around 700 dead or unaccounted for.

Xie called on all circles of Taiwanese people to take measures to help the people of Zhouqu.

The death toll from the Zhouqu mudslides had risen to 1,117 by Wednesday [date], with 627 still missing.