Aug 11, 2010

Southern Azerbaijan: 50 Azerbaijani Arrested by Security Forces

Supporters of the Tabriz soccer team – often seen a followers of the Southern Azerbaijan National Movement – have been arrested by Iranian state security forces after protesting the decision to boycott the Tractor team.


Below is an article published by SANAM:

According to the report from Mr. Aghri Garadaghli (SANAM representative in Baku, Azerbaijan), more than 50 Southern Azerbaijani Turks have been arrested by the Tabriz Ettelaat (security forces) for protesting boycotts against the Tabriz soccer team, Tractor. Tens of fans and activist have been arrested for no solid reason. These innocent people were peacefully protesting the boycott decision of the Iranian soccer league against Tractor soccer club. 

Tractor soccer club is a home team of Tabriz and its fans are known for being supporters of the Southern Azerbaijan National Movement. In matches against other large soccer clubs, Tractor fans are known for giving national slogans such as “long live Azerbaijan, down with its enemies”, “down with Persian fascism” and many more. Tractor fans were enraged when the Iranian soccer league announced that Tractor soccer team was going to have matches without its fans for the next few matches. As a result many supporters poured in to streets of Tabriz to peacefully protest this meaningless decision that is intended to target the national awakening movement of the Southern Azerbaijani Turks. 

SANAM condemns the inhumane decisions and policies of the Iranian regime. Iranian regime is a member of the United Nations (UN) but it is clear that it does not obey to international laws nor regards the International declaration of human rights. SANAM is trying to help the voices of innocent people reach to international media and organizations. Any action against humanity is considered violation of human rights. The mullah regime has committed uncounted numbers of violations against the national and human rights of 35 million Southern Azerbaijani Turks and millions of other non-Persian ethnics who live in the country called Iran. 


Below are the names of 8 fans/activist who were arrested as of August 1 2010:

Ali Zamani, Gulamriza Razmi, Nima Khanlou, Murtaza Salmani, Ali Aghazade, Akbar Yavari, Mahammedtaghy Asadiyan ve Ali Hagigetchudur.