Aug 11, 2010

Somaliland: Dutch NGO launches Web Site

The Somaliland Development Organization, a Dutch NGO that works in Somaliland, has launched its new web site to promote its activities and start work on new projects in the energy sector.


Below is an article published by UNPO and SDO:

SDO Foundation is a Netherlands-based organization, which deals with improving the living conditions in Somaliland and the reconstruction of the county. SDO is a public benefit institution and independent of any party politics and clans.

The projects initiated and supported by SDO are realized in different cities of Somaliland. The location of the projects depends on the needs of the people in that region.

The projects SDO is concerned with vary in scale. Some of the long term projects were personally initiated and supported by a part of the SDO board. Now they are housed by SDO Foundation.

Current projects include support for:

- Schoolchildren, by paying the fees for those who can¹t afford it.

- Single parent families in their livelihood and the education of the children.

- Schools and hospitals, by organizing fundraising and charity.

- Tawakal orphans and returnees.

- Maid is small fishing village in northeast Somaliland. It turns into a ghost town in the summertime, because the residents find it too hot to stay.  The few families that remain behind, lack the means to leave. Neither do they own adequate fishing equipment, nor the livelihood and facilities required to provide their essential needs. A benefactor brings them food monthly.   SDO collects tools and provisions for the laggards in Maid dwellers, to make them feel less dependent on sporadic assistance from distant relatives.

Already the organisation is looking to initiate new projects sand SDO is now in the exploratory phase for an alternative energy project in Somaliland.  SDO chooses Sanaag for the realization of this project. Sanaag is the least developed region of the country, many live in poverty due to lack of jobs. In addition to this, people live in isolation, because there are no roads to connect this region with the rest of the Somaliland. The cry for work is huge!

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