Aug 03, 2010

Southern Azerbaijan: National Activist Ayat Mehralibaglou Under Heavy Torture


Iran is continuing its oppressive policies against Southern Azerbaijani Turks


Below is an article published by SANAM:


According to intelligence from SANAM’s Northern Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan republic) representative, known Southern Azerbaijani national activist is under heavy torture in Ettelaat’s (Iran’s security agency) prison in Tabriz. Other Southern Azerbaijani Turks, who were allowed to talk to their families unlike Mr. Ayat, reported that they were hearing his screams and cries. Ayat Mehralibaglou has been in prison for more than 80 days, and his wife, Mrs. Zahra Farajzadeh was jailed one month ago while trying to visit her husband. Let us recap that this family has a two year old son named Tatar and he is left without any parental care. Many jailed Southern Azerbaijani national activists, including: Shahram Radmehr, Aydin Khojali, Naeem Ahmadi Khiyavi, Behboud Goulizadeh and Yashar Kareemi were allowed to talk to their families two days ago and they all reported that Mr. Ayat’s condition was serious.


National activist Shokrollah Gahramani has been missing since June 21, 2010 


Mr. Shokrollah was arrested by the Tabriz Ettelaat on the above date and he is reported to be kept at a one man prison cell with camera. Let us recap that he was arrested in the Southern Azerbaijani city of Kaleybar.There has been no further news from him. This situation worries many S. Azerbaijani Turks.


National activist and engineer, Mr. Hasan Rahimi was finally allowed to contact with his family 


This telephone call was made possible after twenty days. It is useful to report that Mr. Hasan was arrested in city of Karaj and was sent to the famous Evin prison. Later he was transported to the Tabriz prison in which he is still kept in a one man cell with camera. He has not been questioned yet by the security forces of the regime.


Doctor Lateef Hasani is continuing with his hunger strike                


According to intelligence from SANAM, Doctor Lateef Hasani has been in hunger strike for more than 10 days to protest the brutal conditions inside the mullah regime’s jail. Mr. Hasani said that his friends were tortured without trial and they were all treated like animals. His protest is still continuing.