Jul 26, 2010

Southern Azerbaijan: Prison Conditions For Southern Azerbaijani Turks Are Dreadful

Akbar Azad and Shahram Radmehr, both Southern Azerbaijani human-rights activists, have spent the last two months in one man prison cells of the Iranian regime

Below is an article published by the Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM):

Akbar Azad and Shahram Radmehr, both Southern Azerbaijani human-rights activists, have spent the last two months in one man prison cells of the Iranian regime. They were finally granted the right to call their families. According to the intelligence from SANAM’s representative (Agri Garadaghli) in Republic of Azerbaijan, (Northern Azerbaijan) Mr. Akbar Azad told his family that he was bleeding from his stomach. The conditions that these two innocent national activists and many other jailed Southern Azerbaijani Turks live at are alarming.

As a member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization since 2007, the Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) is asking the UNPO, the United Nations (UN) and other internationally known and able organizations to have a say in this matter. Millions of Southern Azerbaijani Turks are unable to practice and use their most basic and elementary human-rights that are listed in the Universal Declaration of Human-Rights. The Iranian regime is continuing its assimilation policy (Persian regime’s assimilation slogan: one nation, one language, one ethnicity). The Iranian regime is trying to convince it self by denying the presence of millions of non-Persian ethnicities who live in Iran. For example: 35 million Southern Azerbaijani Turks.

The Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement has been working hard since its foundation in 1995 by the national leader of Southern Azerbaijan, Prof. Mahmudali Chehrgani. SANAM’s constitution supports democracy and the fight for democracy in peaceful methods only. Violence has not and never will be in Southern Azerbaijan’s list in fighting the inhumane Iranian regime. The mullah regime must know that it can not deal with a nation. It may have been successful in the past, by spending billions of dollars in assimilation and Persianafication projects, but currently the non-Perisan ethnicities including 35 million S. Azerbaijani Turks have awakened and learned their true identity.

If one looks at the near past, and studies a little world history, he can surely point to at least a few governments and their complete destruction. Surely the Iranian Persian regime has not studied world history or has knowingly ignored some important details and parts. Southern Azerbaijani Turks are determined to get back their stolen rights. Jails have become part of everyday life for S. Azerbaijani human rights activist. Let us recap the May 22, 2006 Southern Azerbaijan national uprising day in which hundreds and thousands of S. Azerbaijani Turks all over Southern Azerbaijani lands yelled “Haray Haray Men Türkem” (We are Turk) and “Ölüm olsun fars faşizmine” (Death to Persian fascism). Southern Azerbaijani Turks will sooner or later gain their rights, but the human-rights activist are asking for a little more than watching by the international community.