Jul 25, 2010

Trainings/Capacity Building

UNPO is committed to assisting Members to become more effectively involved in mechanisms whereby they can assert their opinions and concerns. Though different human rights situations ask for tailor-made action, a wide range of Members have endeavoured to educate themselves through training programmes provided by UNPO. These have taken place upon request by different Members, parallel to high-level meetings at the United Nations and the European Parliament as well as internationally in local Member communities. 

Continuity and transfer of knowledge and skills to a younger generation is considered fundamental by UNPO who has developed a programme based on the training-of-trainer technique with benefits of significant multiplier effects.  Our initiatives focus on interactive training methods and problem based learning contributing and providing room for interactive dialogue and problem based learning modules added to the practical understanding of the theory behind human rights law and the mechanisms called into life in order to protect human rights.