Jul 21, 2010

Southern Azerbaijan: Repression Against Southern Azerbaijani Turks Continuing In Iran

Active ImageA jailed woman activist is not allowed to see her two year old son, while another activist has started hunger strike



Below is an article published by Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) :

It has been a month since Zahra Farajzadeh was detained by the security forces of the Iranian regime. She has spent the last month in a one meter cell. Her husband, Ayat Mehralibaglou has been detained by the intelligence forces of the Iranian regime for more than 72 days. Mrs. Zahra’s arrest report includes a time period of one month, but judge Hashemi of the Tabriz revolutionary court has added 3 more months to the case. The family was supposed to be allowed to see their two year old son, Tatar, but instead, Mr. Ayat and Mrs. Zahra were kept in their one man prison-cell. The inhumanity of the Iranian regime has reached its peak. Innocent children are left to face the side-effects of brutality, lack of democracy, and totalitarian mullah regime.
Doctor Latif Hasani, a peaceful Southern Azerbaijani human rights activist has started hunger strike to protest the inhumane and brutal condition in the Iranian regime’s prison. He has been in jail for two months since his arrest by the security and intelligence forces (Ettelaat) forces of the mullah regime. In his last telephone call with family members about a week ago, Mr. Latif described the torturous conditions that he faced in jail and told his family that he was going to start hunger strike to protest the Iranian regime’s policies and actions. His condition is currently unknown, and his family report the call was ended immediately after Dr. Hasani’s report.
Innocent human-rights activist are being prosecuted as if they were murderers or serial killers. In fact, these human loving people have adopted their life for democracy. The only rights they want to have are the ones listed in United Nation’s (UN) International Declaration of human-rights. But the Iranian regime is resisting to treating them in humanitarian conditions. Arrest, jail, one men prison-cells and tortures have become everyday matter for Southern Azerbaijani Turks. The Iranian mullah regime must know that it will not be able to stop non-Persian ethnicities from gaining their rights. Southern Azerbaijani Turks have the right to self-determination. Millions of non-Persian ethnicities living in Iran have their own plan for their nation’s future. Brutality and cruelty are not in the list.