Jun 30, 2010

Balochistan: Baloch Leaders meet US Vice-President.

Sample ImagePresident of the Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), Dr. Wahid Baloch, asks Joe Bidden, US Vice-President why Crimes committed against the Baloch People are not being addressed by the US State Department.

Below is an article published by Sify.com

 President of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), Dr. Wahid Baloch met US Vice-President Joe Biden to draw his attention to the ongoing military operation and enforced involuntary disappearances in Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan.

"Secular Baloch are being hanged everyday by Iranian Mullah and killed and kidnapped by Pakistani Jihadi Islamic terrorist army and it's ISI and no one is doing anything about it," he told the Vice President.

"We support NATO forces in Afghanistan against the Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists. Why we are not being helped by the State Department," he asked Biden.

" We are secular and natural ally of U.S in the war on terror and we share many American values. We ask Obama administration to not support Pakistan but extend a helping hand to the Baloch people who are suffering in the hands of these two Islamic terrorist States, Pakistan and Iran", he told the Vice President.

According to a UN report, over 80,000 Balochs have been evicted from their homes due to Pakistani bombardment since 2005 and are living in extreme harsh conditions.

Dr. Wahid said that the United States Government and international community must not close their eyes over these crimes against the secular Baloch people and should hold the Pakistan army, its ISI and the Iranian terrorist revolutionary Guards accountable for these crimes. (ANI)