Jun 22, 2010

Somaliland: Election Fever!

Sample Image Somaliland Presidential Elections are to take place on June 26th; Competition is fierce, but Democracy prevails

Below is an article from the SomalilandPress.com

 HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The time is closing in as Somaliland population is preparing themselves to cast their votes on the 26th day of June which is only five days away.

It is time for every Somalilander to exercise his/her democratic right. It is therefore imperative for all of us to cast our votes in peace. Somaliland has had threats from groups which envy its development. Reports of explosive materials being seized in parts of the country has been received and the latest being the Burao episode where one security officer lost his life recently. Somalilanders should make their choice and at the same time keep an eye on the security.

the international community are keenly following events on ground and the reputation of this great nation depends on how we conduct our elections.

The Somaliland Electoral Commission has up to date shown impartiality and it should keep its record up, up to the last day when they announce the final results.

The three political parties on their side should keep their promises and accept the final result as announced by the NEC.

They should avoid squabbles and encounters because this could dent the good image of Somaliland in the eyes of the world. All the three Presidential candidates should put the country’s interest before their individual one. Even a fool’s mind knows that only one person will emerge the winner, the losers should congratulate the winner and avoid chaos.

The three competing individuals have equal rights to lead the country and all the voters have equal rights to vote for the candidate of their choice. Whoever wins is our President and remember competition does not make all the competitors happy.

May God bless our great nation, may we vote in peace and may the best candidate win!!!!”