Jun 22, 2010

Balochistan: Government Raises Police Pay by 100%

Sample Image In an effort to maintain Peace and Tranquillity in the Region and enhance the Monitoring Capacity of the police, the Balochistan Government is investing in its uniformed personnel but questions remain over the causes of insecurity and social problems.


 Below is an article from thenews.com.pk

Balochistan Government to spend Rs. 10 billion to strengthen law enforcement agencies in an effort to maintain peace and tranquility in the province, Finance Minister Mir Asim Kurd Gailo said during his budget speech here Monday. 

He added that the Provincial Government has decided to raise the basic pay salary of the uniformed personnel of Police, Levies and Balochistan Constabulary by 100%.

Moreover, the Government has also regularized approximately 5500 police personnel who were recruited through Conversion of B into A Area Project. Similarly approximately 6000 personnel of Balochistan Constabulary had also been regularized who were appointed by the Federal Government in a similar development project. 

He maintained that the Government intended to recruit some 1500 personnel in Levies Force to revamp their performance as the same has suffered a lot due to conversion process. 

Keeping in view the genuine requirements of Police, the Government of Balochistan has allocated resources to install 37 Security Cameras in Quetta city to monitor crime particularly the target killings. We are seriously thinking to extend the same in every nook and corner of the city to enhance monitoring capacity of the Police to maintain Law & Order in Quetta City, the minister said.