Jun 21, 2010

Southern Azerbaijan: Iranian Regime Arrests Southern Azerbaijani Human Rights Activists

Active ImageBelow are the names and information about the two activists who were arrested by the Iranian security forces on Saturday, June 19.



Below is an article published by SANAM :


Zahra Farajzadeh: This Southern Azerbaijani Turkish women activist was arrested on Saturday, June 19. The reason for her arrest is reported by SANANEWS (http://sananews.info/): Zahra Farajzadeh, wife of Ayat Mehralibaglu, a leading S. Azerbaijani Turkish activist who was detained in late May by the Iranian security forces, had went to a court in Tabriz to report that her husband was not allowed to receive calls. Unfortunately, instead being treated with respect, Mrs. Zahra was arrested and also sent to jail


Younes Soleymani: This Southern Azerbaijani Turkish student activist was also arrested on Saturday, June 9. He studied at the University of Hamadan. Mr. Younes was threatened many times by the security forces to be arrested and jailed, and he was also told he would be expelled from his school.
SANAM’s hopes are that the world and most importantly the human rights organizations are being witness to Iranian regime’s brutal and inhumane treatment and politics towards innocent Southern Azerbaijani Turks whose only fault are to peacefully fight for the human rights of their 35 million S. Azerbaijani Turkish nation.