Jun 11, 2010

Ogaden: A New Massacre At Malqaqa

Active ImageSince May 18, 2010, 71 innocent Ogaden civilians have been killed by the Ethiopian militia in an attempt to silence and punish the local inhabitants.
Below is an article published by ONLF:

Since May 18 2010, as a continuation of Ethiopian regime's policy of
collective punishment of the Ogaden people, a large contingent of its army
had rampaged in an area of 50 km radius in and around Malqaqa, using several
platoons of its trained militia as trackers and informants.  The ruthless
troops had so far massacred 71 innocent civilians with impunity while
wounding and torturing hundreds.  This carnage took place around all the
areas between Malqaqa, Farso, Galaalshe, Fafen, Bambas, Goray and Babile
(see attached Map). Most of the victims were community elders, and farmers
and their families. The Community in the Malqaqa area are sedentary farmers
and their livelihood depends on farming and livestock.

The Ethiopian army and their security teams combed the countryside,
summarily executing men in front of their families while beating , raping or
killing the women. The people in the vicinity then flee in terror  to the
bush abandoning their farms and livestock. To isolate further the Malqaqa
area community, the Ethiopian Army cordoned off all the main towns and
villages in the area.  This in effect is depriving the terror-stricken
victims, any refuge or support from the wider communities in the outlying

Currently hundreds of Children, women and the elderly are hiding among the
bushes with no food and shelter while their farms abandoned with their
animals stolen or feasting and destroying the farms that took so long to
develop and  establish. General Samora Younis, the Chief of Staff of the
Ethiopian Army visited Jigjiga in June 8 [2010], in order to congratulate the
military commanders leading the massacre and give further instructions
regarding the new genocide campaign that is being planned for the rest of
the Ogaden.

The extra-judicial killings have intensified since the last two months and
more than 60 people were killed in other parts of the Ogaden.  In addition
the Ethiopian army reinforced the four year blockade that was in place in
Ogaden, as result, food price rise that aggravates the already destitute
people in Ogaden.

Therefore, the Ogaden National Liberation Front calls upon the Secretary
General and the UN Security Council to act immediately and takes concrete
steps to halt this unfolding genocide and offer immediate support to the
community that had been decimated by the Ethiopian regime.
The Ogaden National Liberation Front