Jun 07, 2010

Southern Azerbaijan: Activist Aydin Khajei Sentenced to 10 Years

Active ImageAydin Khajei, Azerbaijan Student Movement (AZOH) activist is sentenced to 10 years by Judge Hashemzadeh of the Tabriz revolutionary court
Below is an article published by SANAM:

Le us recap that Aydin Khajei, a peaceful Azerbaijan Student Movement (AZOH) activist was arrested in his university campus (Tabriz University) by the Ettelaat before the anniversary of the May 22, 2006 events (S. Azerbaijan national uprising day).

His arrest in May 2010 is just only one of dozens of arrests imposed by the Ettelaat against the peaceful S. Azerbaijani Turkish human rights and other activist in cultural-social fields.

His family was told by judge Hashemzadeh that, Aydin would stay in prison at least 6 years, and if he did not realize the situation (accept the Persian dominance) he would stay another 4 years behind bars.

Aydin Khajei was reported saying under torture that “I will not accept what you tell me until I have tought you humanitarian lessons”.

SANAM condemns the undemocratic and dictatorial actions and policies of the Persian Iranian Islamic regime and asks international community to hear the voices of the arrested S. Azerbaijani Turks who are willing to put their life at risk for the cause of democracy and the gaining of the most basic human rights for 35 million S. Azerbaijani Turks living in the ‘country called Iran’.