May 31, 2010

Somaliland: Lasting Solution for Eye vision

Active ImageSomaliland suffers from poor eye health care and lack of facilities for treatment. In addition, due to the lack of experts the people of Somalialand are obligated to seek medical care from neighboring countries.
Below is an article published by Somaliland Press:

For long, the nation has suffered from poor eye health care and lack of facilities for treatment. In addition, due to the lack of experts the population was obligated to seek medical care from neighboring countries.

Those who couldn’t afford where the victims most and would pay the ultimate prize. It has been estimated that more than 2000 people loss their vision each year in Somaliland.

These people suffer from different diagnosis such as, Glaucoma, Trauma and similar illness. However, the main cause of blindness is Cataract, which makes 80% of the total cases so far.

Menhal Hospital was working in tackling this tragedy and performing free eye surgery for the community in need. So far it has played an important role in the health sector and performed surgeries for many people.

People who came from as far as Keyna’s northern states, Ethiopian Somali region, Djibouti and South Somalia. With the help from Arab Medical Union, by sending teams of doctors to carry out the surgery and financial support the hospital was able to cope with the increasing number of the patients and restore the lost vision of many. Despite of this, there was strong presence of local talent in this.

Dr. Mohamud Ahmed Shiine director of mental hospital and Ophthalmologist him self played a vital role. As one of the few Somalilander eye specialist doctor, he has performed much of the surgeries in the past years. He alone revealed the eyes of more than 30,000 people successfully in the last eight years. In fact, he could perform the surgery for a patient in less than six minutes which gain him wide range acceptance.

To encourage this local talents, Arab Medical Union in collaboration with WHO has trained seven doctors from all the Somali regions to perform full eye surgery. They were trained to handle the case like, Squint Surgery, Glaucoma and Refractive Errors.

This training which has ended on last Friday was held in Menhal Hospital premises. In addition to that, there was a six day training for nine medical works in how to operate Ultrasound with the collaboration with of Afro-Asian Institute of medical science.

Although, the two trains where different and funded by different donors, however, their aim was similar to increase local talents for better handling health care.

“The entire trainees were active and participatory in the trend of the training days”, said the foreigner trainers,” and they gain the maximum knowledge from their training”. The trainers add that the trainees had promised to help the nation that is in despite situation for health care in any given situation.