May 12, 2010

Nagalim: Muivah Urges to Seek Solutions Based on Truth

Active ImageThe Governments of Manipur and India are blamed for the Mao Gate Shootings.
Below is an article published by Nagaland Post :

NSCN(I-M) ato kilonser Th. Muivah, currently at Viswema in the light of situation arising out of the refusal by the Manipur cabinet to allow him to enter the state , has blamed both the Okram Ibobi Singh-led government in Manipur and the government of India, for Thursday’s ‘slaughter’ at Mao gate.

Talking to newsmen here today, Muivah asked the Centre to solve the imbroglio saying “problem must be solved or else there’s no wisdom. We’re not to blame anyone but the truth is the ground reality”.

Expressing doubts over the sincerity of the government of India, he asked “can’t the mighty India stop these kind of problems?”

Though he had not spoken to the prime minister on the May 6 incident, Muivah said he will not postpone his visit indefinitely. He said his plans would depend on how the Manipur government and the Centre resolved the problem.

Muivah also disclosed that he had agreed to the request of the government of India to defer his visit but asked how long could he postpone it.

“ It’s not a problem…this is my land I can go anytime as I’ve travel so many times”, he said. On being asked if he would still go ahead with his visit, Muivah said he was firm and shot back, “am I to take permission from Meiteis to visit my own land?”.

Muivah said he had declined the offer of the government of India for a chopper to visit his village as the best way was to travel along with his colleagues.

“ As human being, I felt I should visit my native village and town which I’ve not visit for the last 47 years and government of India agreed to my request and rather appreciated it and the government had arranged security. It is not my intention to create problem, we’ve given commitment and why should we betray them?. It’s equally my commitment to respect the prime minister’s commitment”, he said.

Muivah said he was told that union home minister Chidamaram had clearly asked Manipur chief minister Ibobi Singh to allow him to visit Somdal after the latter was summoned to New Delhi. However, he said on return to Imphal, Ibobi convened a cabinet meeting which re-affirmed its earlier decision to bar him from entering Manipur.

On the prevailing situation in Manipur, Muivah said “Naga’s sentiment have been hurt and the Nagas can react, but Nagas are patient”. He warned that Naga patience cannot last long if the Manipur Government continued with the crisis. “They’ll see what the Nagas can do and what the NSCN(I-M) can do”.

“We didn’t expect anything as such will take place”, he said while referring to the May 6 firing that took place in Mao gate where two students were shot dead and many injured. Muivah said that Nagas now conclude that the events that unfolded on Thursday were created deliberately.

On the political negotiations with the government of India , Muivah said talks have progressed though the government of India lacked rational commitment for a solution.

He said the government of India recognized the “unique history of the Nagas” but it has yet to learn from past mistakes. He said New Delhi lacked the courage to bring about a solution.He said the government of India has accepted that solution cannot come in one go though he wished for it.

He also alleged that the government of India was using neighbors to suppress Nagas pointing to Manipur’s refusal to extend the cease fire to its territory.

Muivah ruled out use of force for solution. He maintained that solution has to be through peaceful means that is acceptable and honorable. “We’re for solution and we don’t lose hope”, he said.

Asked whether two-third majority in parliament by a political party could resolve the Naga issue, Muivah asserted that the unique history of the Nagas cannot be changed by anyone including the Indian parliament. He said “truth will remain the truth, black as black and white as white” .