May 06, 2010

Somaliland: There Is An Election Coming

Active ImageAfter sifting through the flawed national voter registration list and purging all the incorrect and fraudulent registrations, the Somaliland National Elections Commission has declared that a new list of legitimate voters will be used to hold the forth coming presidential elections slated for the 15th of June, 2010.



Below is an article published by American Chronicle:

Congratulations must go the National Elections Commission who took on this mammoth task with the help of international donors, the support of the Somaliland people and its political leadership.

Congratulations should also go the Somaliland political parties who showed remarkable composure in order to get things right, when it may have been easier to engulf the nation in chaos.

Granted, there have been some miss-steps along the way. There were unnecessary loss of life which harkened back to the dark days of the union with Somalia, and there were moments in which Somaliland´s enemies rejoiced in the political crisis that took place in country. But, wiser heads prevailed.

At the end of the day, the people and the political leadership of Somaliland showed remarkable maturity and following the tried and tested path of dialogue, discussion and consensus, have finally reached a place in which truly democratic elections will take place in the country.

As for the result. First of all it is paramount that all three political parties should abide by it. Secondly, it is paramount that all three political parties should abide by the result and Thirdly, it is paramount that all three Somaliland political parties accept and abide by the result.

Each political party has the interest of the nation and its people at heart.

The people of Somaliland are pragmatic and vigilant, they will vote for their own interest, which is a sovereign ,democratic, peaceful and progressive nation.