May 05, 2010

Iranian Kurdistan: Official Security Forces Spread Unrests

Sample ImageGovernmental security forces support mob groups in Iranian Kurdistan to disturb peace and security in the region.

Below an article published by Medya News:

Kurdistan Media reported that the regime’s security forces have set up mob groups in Iranian Kurdistan cities to be present on streets and parks to disturb their peace and security.

Kurdistan News Agency reported that one of those mobs stormed a local supermarket in Bokan city and inflicted colossal damages to the store.  A day earlier, the same mob had done major reparation to another shop in the area.

Local residents witnessing the mayhem contacted the security forces; however, the regime’s forces ignored their call.

The source also claimed that these regime backed mobs have also harassed people in the parks and rest areas in Hawraman region, Ghassemlou Valley, Barandoz and Wurme Dam and have disturbed citizens’ calm.

Kurds in Iran make more than 15% of Iran’s 70 million population and they are located at the North-western and Western Iran bordering Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Due to their ethnicity and religion, the Kurds in Iran face state discrimination.