Apr 15, 2010

Training: Degar-Montagnard Youth

On April 17 2010, a group of 100 Degar-Montagnard youth will take part in a one day UNPO training session entitled “Everyone is Equal? Human Rights – Take Action!” The training includes modules on contextualizing human rights within their daily lives and on the international mechanisms in place to protect and promote universal human rights.

However, the training goes beyond the theoretical by providing this future generation of leaders with practical skills on how to take action to raise awareness on an international level, to lobby on a local and national level and to network and build coalitions. Focus will be placed on collaboration not only within the diaspora community but with other key interest groups, and using both interpersonal and electronic means.

Many minorities in South-East Asia are faced with national regimes that have adopted policies driven by the need to protect national unity through firm control over minorities, such as the Montagnards. In most cases, national laws are in place in order to guarantee basic human rights and specific minority rights.

However, the implementation of rules by the central government is lacking and often local population is excluded from meaningful participation. As a result the local population is denied access to decisionmaking at the local level and thus successful development of local pluralistic civil society groups is prevented.

Low-standard living conditions, political repression and persecution, exclusion from local government entities and the continued policy of discrimination have increased the number of Degar-Montagnard refugees and internally displaced people.


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