Mar 24, 2010

Somaliland's people are coming back!

Sample Image Somaliland’s professionals abroad are looking for ways to contribute to the development of their young country, and some are going back.

The following article is published by The Somaliland Press

HARGEISA, 24 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – “A brain drain is said to occur when a country becomes short of skills when people of such skills emigrate”Looking back in my student years, I remember loving memories of my teacher a man who was interested in contributing his ideas and values to his country. It was stiff time to undertake such work where almost social sectors were dead and functionless. Somaliland is now convalescing from the ruin that affected nearly all of its public infrastructures, starting from obliteration to the doors of nationhood followed building. Today, Somaliland people are charming in a democratic process that brought peace, stability and relative prosperity. Now this young nation enjoys all requirements of modern sovereign state; A definite boundary, internal and external security, and independence and effective judicial system, and free press, Somaliland dramatically improving security situation and modest of political progress. The citizens of this peaceful country either inside or outside sought high and low to attest their country’s development as an evitable matter.Being contributor and insightful to your society is not an easy chore, but needs handwork, dedication and commitment. Many Somaliland professionals living abroad are seeking ways to contribute to the development of their country. The International Organization of Migration instigated last year some initiatives that are targeted medical doctors, nurses and engineers and other highly skilled people in returning Somaliland to assist public institutions in the country. Some Diaspora qualified nursed from Filand, Norway and Sweden was making it easier for them to provide services to patients within the hospitals in Somaliland. Others are return voluntary to support their country for their own skills; there were large figures that chose to invest their capital to their personal businesses. During the wars of freedom a huge number of Somaliland professionals slant to migrate Western Europe and North America as means of getting security and better life. Migration from developing countries to developed one has speed up time after time due to the liberation and civil wars existed many African countries in the continent. Somaliland Diaspora is discouraged from returning home by the political disputes that have erupted in Somaliland for the last year. Failing economies, high unemployment rates, the lack of adequate social services, such as health and education, are some of these factors.