Mar 23, 2010

Somaliland: President Meets With Russian Delegation

Sample ImageSenior business officials and media representatives from Russia met with President Dahir Rayale Kahin to discuss closer economic and trade ties.

Below is an article published by Qaran News:


The President of Somaliland, Dahir Rayale Kahin has met with a delegation from Russia at the presidency in Hargeisa.     
The Russian delegation who are on a short visit to Somaliland consists of senior officials from several large Russian industrial groups, businessmen and members of the Russian media.
Speaking to the Russian group, President Rayale spoke of the need for a closer relationship between Somaliland and the Russian federation in terms of economic and trade ties. President Rayale stated that during the union with the defunct Somali Republic, the former Soviet Union played a key role in the development of Somaliland, including the port of Berbera, the Berbera International airport and several other major infrastructure projects.
A spokesman for the Russain group thanked the President and the people of Somaliland for the warm welcome afforded to their delegation, and stated their desire to explore the possibilities of future projects in Somaliland which will be based on a co-operation between the two countries.
In a related event, the Russian group were the guest at a formal luncheon in their honor hosted by members of the Somaliland community educated and trained in Russia, several of whom are fluent Russian speakers.