Jan 18, 2023

Sindh : UNPO Supports World Sindhi Congress condemnation of violence against peaceful protestors in Sann

The following article is a press release by the World Sindhi Congress

World Sindhi Congress (WSC) is deeply dismayed and strongly condemn the firing by rangers and police on the peaceful participants in Sann, who came from across Sindh to pay tribute to Saeen GM Syed on his 119th Birthday Anniversary. Initial reports suggest that scores have been injured, many with life threating injuries, and have been taken by their fellows to the nearby hospitals. Additionally, scores have been arrested.


In the last three weeks, scores of political leaders and workers, associated with Jeay Sindh movement, have been abducted and are missing or have been arbitrarily arrested across the entire Sindh to create an atmosphere of fear to stop people to join the birthday commemoration events of Saeen GM Syed in Sann and to raise voice against the complete denial of the human, democratic and national rights of Sindhi people.


WSC strongly condemns and considers the firing, abductions, and use of brutal force on peaceful political workers by Pakistan and Sindh government as fascist. 


WSC strongly demands that all the arrested be immediately released, a judicial enquiry be commissioned on the use of gross violence and violations by the Sindh and Pakistan governments, and the Superintendent Police responsible for ordering the fire on participants be removed. 


WSC is observing the situation on the ground with grave concern and will make every effort to inform the international community about these atrocities in Sindh and seek their help to stop these.


Dr Rubina Shaikh