Feb 23, 2010

Tibet: Dalai Lama doesn't Fault Obama for Low-Key Meeting

Active ImageDespite championing Human Rights, the Dalai Lama understands Obama’s practical choice of avoiding tensions.
Below is an article published by News10 :

The Dalai Lama said he wasn't offended by the low-key reception he received at the White House this week and understands that President Barack Obama  must be practical despite his commitment to championing human rights worldwide.
Tibet's exiled spiritual leader told The Associated Press in Los Angeles Saturday that he recognizes Obama must juggle his desire to support the Dalai Lama's push for greater Tibetan autonomy with his concerns about angering China, a growing U.S. economic rival.
The Dalai Lama was in Los Angeles to support Whole Child International, an organization that advocates better care for orphans worldwide.
Obama hosted the Dalai Lama on Thursday in Washington, D.C., but kept the get-together off-camera and low-key in an attempt to avoid inflaming tensions with China.
Revered in much of the world, the Dalai Lama is seen by Beijing as a separatist seeking to overthrow Chinese rule of Tibet. Though he said that is untrue, China regards any official foreign leader's contact with the Buddhist monk as an infringement on its sovereignty over Tibet.