Feb 17, 2010

Somaliland: President Rayale Meets With International Agencies Representatives

Sample ImageThe President of Somaliland, Dahir Rayale Kahin, met today with representatives from the various international agencies engaged in development programmes in Somaliland.


Below is an article published by: Qaran News

The meeting held at the Presidency in Hargeisa was attended by the Somaliland Minister of Planning, Mr. Ali Ibrahim Mohamed and several other senior members of the Somaliland government.The representative from the international agencies included Mr.  Mark Bowden form the UNDP's Somaliland/Somalia office, officials from the World Bank, the European Union and several other departments from the United Nations.

The meeting at the Presidency was held to discuss the current and future projects in Somaliland. In his brief remarks, President Rayale thanked the international agencies for their efforts towards the development of Somaliland, including but not limited to projects ranging from education, health, social affairs, job creation for Somaliland's youth, water and rural development , displaced peoples and many fields.

The representatives from the various international agencies are currently in Somaliland to take part in a conference  being held at the Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa to discuss the current 5 year plan on development in Somaliland.Among the delegates at the conference were members of both chambers of the Somaliland parliament, senior officials from Somaliland's three political parties, high-ranking government officials, members of the Somaliland community organisations and social activists.