Feb 15, 2010

Sindh: PPP Government Has Failed to Protect Sindh Rights

Active ImagePresident Awami Tehreek and human rights lawyer Ayaz Latif Palijo criticizes the PPP Government for their neglect of Sindh rights.
Below is an article published by The Nation:

’The PPP government, since its first day in power has had a serious problem in understanding the aspirations of the masses. And the people have been exploited many times, with the good-sounding slogans like ‘we want a prosperous Pakistan’, in the chequered history of the country. Yet the rulers have always failed to safeguard the rights of Sindh and Pakistan.

President Awami Tehreek and human rights lawyer Ayaz Latif Palijo, expressed these views in an interview with The Nation on Saturday.

He said all the rulers of the past including Pakistan Muslim Leagues and People’s Party and their feudal cronies have always caused loss to Pakistanis in general and the Sindhis in particular and that the last two years have been no different.

“The majority of the power-hungry feudals had played role in the formation of One-Unit(s) and supported all martial-laws and now once again PPP is allowing the rulers of Punjab to snatch the water of Sindh”, he added.

He said that the PPP has also given free hand to ethnic groups to occupy Karachi with its lands and resources.

“The people of Sindh are not drawing any benefits from their own natural resources and they are being robbed of their rights. Their gas, coal and fuels have been snatched, millions of people of Sindh are jobless, there is no water for the people of the province and our villagers have been deprived of basic health and education facilities. A very great havoc is being played with Sindh and Pakistan, and if we did not come forward to raise our voice, we would be unable to come out of this crisis”.

Palijo maintained that the people are being befooled by the parties, extremists and ambitious generals in the name of democracy and religion for the past 62 years.

He opined that the interesting contrast is that vast majority of PPP workers appear to be progressive but their top leadership is opportunist, while, on the other hand Nawaz Sharif and some of the top leaders of PML-N appear to be progressive but their grass-root membership and followers are conservative and follow ‘Punjab-first’ policies.

He declared that Awami Tahreek is against People’s Party’s corruption, nepotism and its ‘anti-Sindh’ policies, however it would never support any illegal and unconstitutional move by the Establishment.