Feb 02, 2010

Nagalim: Political Solution should Embrace all Naga Areas

Active ImageAll groups participation in talks is anti-thesis of current peace process.
Below is an article published by Nagaland Page :

The 30th Raising Day of the NSCN (IM) was observed today at Council Headquarters, Hebron with Qhevihe Chishi Swu, Convener of Steering Committee gracing the event as the chief guest. The event started off with the chief guest unfurling the National Flag and taking the salute from the parade.

Isak Chishi Swu, Chairman of NSCN (IM), in a message delivered in his absence stated that the political move of the long suppressed Naga people for integration is not only right but also a historical necessity. "By integration, it means political and any proposed political solution should embrace all Naga areas," he said adding that the NSCN (IM) is strongly opposed to any political solution that would be confined to a part or section of people.

Questioning New Delhi's 'unfaithfulness' to their agreements and commitments, Isak said that despite all the trickeries Nagas would stay the course. "I do not see solution of the problem in intimidation, imposition of one's will upon other, trickeries and deceptions, distortion of facts and capitulation. It is, I firmly believe in the mutual understanding, consent and recognition of rights," Isak said.

It depends on how steadfast is the commitment how far is the preparation, he added. He called upon the people to reaffirm their commitment to the Naga political cause and stand in one voice against aggressive forces.  

In another message delivered in absentia, Th Muivah, General Secretary of NSCN (IM), held that any political step for unity, peace or agreement that betrays the Naga principle is not a solution at all. "That kind of political venture is nothing but chasing rainbows. NSCN (IM) reiterates its stand for principle-based unity, peace and solution and that should not be interpreted for rigidity and autocracy," he said.

Expressing disappointment over the participation of all groups in the talks of the current on going peace process between GOI and NSCN (IM), Muivah said, "Participation of other non-mandated groups in the talks for settlement of the issue under the axis of Home Ministry of India will only dilute what have been achieved in the talks at then prime ministerial level."

He said that unity or reconciliation among the Nagas is of domestic matter and should left to be settled among the Nagas alone. "The logic of participation of all groups in the talks is anti-thesis of the current peace process being held at the Prime Ministerial level between GOI and NSCN (IM)," said Muivah.  

He also reiterated NSCN's commitment to the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), stating that it has made a landmark in making a covenant of hope based on the historical and political realities of the Nagas.

He further stated that the current peace process between GoI and NSCN at the Prime Ministerial level is highly national and political. "We hope and trust that rational Nagas would advocate for the issue rather than for divisive interest," he added.

Affirming that Naga integration is not a choice but a necessity, Muivah said, "Solution, honorable and acceptable to both is inevitable as long as we resolutely resist imposition of a monster's logic on us."

Lt Gen (Ret) V S Atem, Emissary to Collective Leadership, enlightened the gathering on the journey of the NSCN (IM) for the past 30 years while Vice Chairman of NSCN (IM), Khodao Yanthan and leaders of various civil societies also delivered speeches on the occasion. Various songs, cultural dance and a martial arts demonstration were also presented on the occasion.