Jan 28, 2010

Afrikaner: Freedom Front Plus To 'rescue' Pretoria

Active ImageThe planned name change of Pretoria to Tshwane would create division among South Africans, according to the Freedom Front Plus



Below is an article published by iafrica.com:

The planned name change of Pretoria to Tshwane would create division among South Africans, the Freedom Front Plus said on Wednesday.

"If all South Africans want to live alongside each other, they will have to respect each other's cultures, heritage and diversity and will have to help build a new shared heritage," said FF Plus leader in Gauteng Jaco Mulder.

He said the FF Plus has for years been fighting along with civil organisations such as Solidarity, AfriForum and the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations, to retain the name of Pretoria.

"The party will shortly be in court again, alongside AfriForum to rescue Pretoria's street names."

Pre-World Cup change?
He was responding to a report in Beeld, according to which the ANC was in urgent talks with Arts and Culture Minister Lulu Xingwana to "get rid of" the name of Pretoria before the World Cup.

Mulder said: "In these types of circumstances I can identify myself with fewer things in South Africa.

"The Afrikaner and other minorities' heritage are increasingly being ignored in a new liberal democracy and crime, poor education and service delivery cause more South Africans to feel increasingly alienated. Alienation leads to emigration and revolt," he said in a statement.

He said the FF Plus had maintained the moral high ground through negotiating and proposing win-win solutions.

"The ANC on the other hand remains irresponsible with inflammatory announcements such as this one."

He said the time had arrived for South Africans to stand up.

"Every South African who is tired of this should show it. This issue should now be addressed once and for all at the highest level."

He said the FF Plus and other groups' proposal that Pretoria be retained as the city and the metropolitan area as the Tshwane Metro Municipality, or as is the case of Washington DC, the option of Pretoria DT (District Tshwane) remained as compromises.

"The ANC is arrogant to expect us to offer expertise and help build a country while we are being ham-shackled through affirmative action and identity murder. We shouldn't and won't accept it any longer."

'Do not scratch where it doesn't itch'
The Christian Democratic Party said Pretoria must stay Pretoria.

"Do not scratch where it doesn't itch..." said party leader Theunis Botha in a statement.
He said the practice of giving municipalities one name, and towns or cities another, was precisely designed to prevent confrontation and polarisation.

"Yet, this is the one aspect where the ANC cannot resist involving itself in, and this seldom has anything to do with apartheid, as the changing of IFP associated names in Durban, and replacing them with ANC related names clearly indicates."

He said Pretoria was the executive capital of the entire country, and as such the entire nation had a stake in the name.