Jan 21, 2010

Balochistan: No Compromise Over Autonomy

Active ImageBaloch leaders have rejected Balochistan Package announced by Federal government and demanded complete provincial autonomy and control over indigenous resources of the province. They have also stressed on the need of protecting the situation from further deterioration in the province in national seminar on Balochistan Situation, organised by Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan on Wednesday at Idarae Noor Haq.



Below is an article published by The Nation:

The family members of Balochistan missing persons and others attended the seminar. Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan chief Syed Munawar Hassan was the chief speaker at the seminar along with him JUI’S Hafiz Hussain Ahemd, BNP caretaker President DR. Jahazaib, Blochistan Workers party’ yousuf Masti Khan, PPP’s Ex-MNA Ghulam Akbar lassi, Aminullah Kakar, Jan Muhammed Balidi, Assadullah Bhutto, and jamat-e-Islami karchi Ameer Muhammed Husain Mehnati also among the distinguished speakers of the seminar.

Janat-e-Islami Chief Syed Munawar Hussain while addressing the seminar said that nation had thought after February 18 election that country would have democratic rule and prevalence of democratic norms would easily be seen in everyday life but things are quite different from this. He added that country was heading towards a sudden disaster, warning that if issues were not addressed, the country might fall a prey to disintegration. He said that government should immediately conclude operations going on in Balochistan, North and South Waziristan, as military operation in past ended in disintegration of the country. He said, “Ireland and England were in complete daggers drawn and militant activities was carrying out across the great Briton by Irish Republican Army against British occupation of Ireland but what had happened that the British government initiated negotiations with IRA and eventually matter was resolved through dialogue”.

He further added that government itself should make a balance sheet with help of military that what the country had achieved in the past through operations. He said that we as nation should consider all issues like Balochistan as Pakistan’s issues and saving Balochistan is like saving Pakistan. He said that for soothing the wounds of Baloch people, government should register FIR against former dictator General Musharrf over the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Addressing the seminar BNP leader Dr Jahanzaib said that after 62 years Baloch people still were deprived of their rights and government trying to compensate their deprivation with so-called packages. He said that in NFC Award again interest of Balochistan and Baloch people have been trickily subverted and distributions were not made equitably made. He quoted several statistic of employment in which Baloch people were severely neglected as compared to the people of other provinces.

Baloch Nationalist leader of National worker’s Party Yousuf Masti khan said that Balochistan had independence status even after the formation of Pakistan but after certain period of time establishment and its allies conspired it’s joining with Pakistan. He said “The main purpose of federation of Pakistan is to strengthen components but gradually a few of its component were severely neglected and situation has aggravated to such a bad extent that Baloch now are demanding independence from Pakistan”. He further added, “Balochistan situation is very critical and announcing package is like playing with the emotions of the Baloch people. Government should seriously think about it and give complete provincial autonomy and control of indigenous resources to its people”.

He added further that still people of Balochistan wanted to live with Pakistan and they are in favour of Pakistan but government should act promptly before the situation further worsened. He said it is federation’s responsibility to intact all its components as components with their interest formed the federation for the accomplishment of their autonomy.

Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said that Balochistan issue was Pakistan issue, emphasising that it should be taken seriously. He said that independent judiciary still had not come up with fulfilling of its promises what people were thought of it that it would initiate the proceedings of missing person case. He also elaborated that it should not be compared with Kalat Agreemen.

Asadullah Bhutto of Jamat-e-Islami said that international forces had their vested interest in Balochistan that’s why they wanted to destabilize Pakistan, increasing their infiltration in Balochistan.
Tehreek-e-Insaf, Awami tehreek, Muslim Rabata Council, Balochistan Bar council, Abdur Rauof Sasoli, Nusrat Miraza, Jan Muhammed Balidi and Baloch student federation members also addressed the seminar.
Eminent women activists also attended the meeting.