Jan 04, 2010

Somaliland: New Ministers Sworn In

Active ImageThe Somaliland Presidential spokesman, Mr Saed Adani Moge  issued a press release on Monday endorsing a government reshuffle that saw nine ministers joining President Dahir Rayale’s team, as incumbent ministers were replaced.

Below is an article published by Somaliland Press:

The nine ministers were sworn in before the President and Vice President by the Chief Justice of the High Court, Mr Mohamed Hersi Omane.

The government shake-up, which was expected in recent weeks, comes after a week when number of ministers past away while incumbent ministers were either entrusted with new portfolios or dismissed.

Ahmed Adan Ismael was offered the State Foreign Minister replacing, Mr Saed Mohamed Nur, who past away on Thursday night in Hargeisa.

Muse Abdi Mohamud takes over the Water and Mineral Resources portfolio replacing Mr Qasim sh Ibrahim, who died in November in Mecca [Makkah].

The other Ministers that were reappointed to fill other portfolios included:

Farhan Jama Ismael – State Interior Minister
Saleban Warsame Guled – Minister of Defense
Abdi Hersi Duale – State Fishery Minister
Abdi Yusuf Adan – Minister for Youth and Sports
Mohamed Yusuf Osman – Minister of Resettlement
Hussein Aynan Farah – Minister of Relations with Houses of Parliament
Mohamed Ahmed Farah – Deputy Tourism Minister